Family Dentistry

Kids these days have a lot going on. Between school activities and after-school activities, it can be a challenge to make sure they get the healthcare appointments they need. At Harte Dental, we do everything we can to make dental care for your family as easy as possible:

Evening and weekend appointments for working parents and busy kids

  • Five treatment rooms to see entire families at the same time
  • Text message and email reminders for all appointments
  • Appointment coordination for specialist referrals (i.e., if a family member needs to see an orthodontist, oral surgeon, etc. we will call to set up the appointment for you)

First Tooth, First Birthday, First Dental Visit

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both recommend that children have their first dental visit when they have their first tooth. For most kids, this will happen around 6-7 months of age; for kids who don’t have any teeth by their first birthday, they should still see a dentist before turning 1.

Many parents wonder: why so early? A well-baby dental visit helps to make sure that children have an established dental “home” so that if they do have any issues in the future, they already have a relationship with a doctor who knows them. Starting children at the dentist early before treatment is needed also helps them to develop a positive relationship with the dentist. Too often, children come for the first time when an invasive treatment is needed, and from there on out their view of the dentist is associated with pain or fear.

Finally, cavities can develop in baby teeth as soon as they’re erupted; in severe cases, children can have cavities all over their mouth as early as age 2. We’re here to help parents understand how best to care for their baby’s teeth, to provide guidance about teething and nutrition, and to set children up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Sealants, Fluoride, and Prevention

Even though baby teeth will fall out, cavities they develop can cause real pain and disruption for children. Sadly, many children report being unable to focus in school or even missing school because of dental pain. Severe dental decay in baby teeth can also affect the permanent teeth underneath.

In addition to treating cavities in children, we are also strong proponents of preventing cavities in kids. We provide a variety of services like sealants, fluoride varnish, cleanings, and exams to help kids stay healthy.

Healthy Teeth for Life

Attitudes toward dental care have changed a lot over the years. For many of our older patients, losing teeth and getting dentures was considered the “norm.” However, the right lifestyle and preventative care choices mean that these days, it’s very possible to keep a mouth full of healthy teeth well into later life. We aim to promote dental longevity in everything we do, from preventative care to treatment of cavities.

That said, it is still common for our older adult patients to have more extensive dental needs, whether to treat gum disease or replace missing or broken down teeth. For patients with complex medical conditions, it’s especially important to maintain oral health because many dental diseases can negatively affect overall health.

We take pride in having many multi-generation families in our practice. After 40+ years in East Milton Square, some of our patients who first visited us as kids are now bringing their own kids in to see us! It’s a joy to grow with you and your family and to be there for all of your dental needs at different stages of life.