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Teenagers and Wisdom Teeth

April 1, 2021
Posted By: Harte Dental

Why does my teenager need a wisdom tooth consult?

     At Harte Dental, we are happy to be referred to as "My Family Dentist" for so many families in Milton, MA and beyond. Our team enjoys seeing patients from infants through adulthood. Many of our patients and team members have been part of the Harte Dental Family for not only years, but decades!  A common topic for our teenagers and adult patients is the presence of wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are the adult 3rd molars that can become painful if they are not evaluated at the appropriate time. All of our patients have routine preventative care to stay healthy. At these visits we determine if an oral surgeon consult is necessary to evaluate wisdom teeth.

     Since we have been "Your family dentist” for over 40 years we care about the dental comfort of your entire family! We don't want to see your young adult embark on college or career without the prior assurance that they have had an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon consultation. Far too often, wisdom teeth surprise us with their presence in young adults. Many families have reached out to ask if we know a dentist in Washington D.C., New York City, Florida or even Paris! Wisdom teeth don't wait for a convenient time to become painful. As dental health professionals we can see the onset of problematic wisdom teeth with the help of our panoramic x-ray unit. We are so excited about this state of the art technology because we know our patients will enjoy the comfort and ease of taking this comprehensive image. Although we often hear, "Why does my teenager need a wisdom tooth consult?" or "She doesn't complain about them, so can't we just leave them alone?" Our answer is let’s find out. If the wisdom teeth are in a good position, in a healthy state, able to be kept clean, and function well then YES they can remain to function for good oral health.  Otherwise a consult will be necessary to determine any health risks.


     In addition to important age factors in needing a wisdom teeth consultation, most wisdom teeth with signs of disease or clear problems should come out.

Reasons include:

  • Infection or cavities
  • Lesions (abnormal looking tissue)
  • Damage to nearby teeth
  • Bone loss around roots
  • Not enough room to brush and floss around the tooth

     Harte Dental is committed to providing our patients with the most comprehensive information for your individual health needs. And YES, we are ALWAYS here to be a resource so never hesitate to call. Your health and comfort are always our priority at. Our hope is to help our patients understand that we are here to guide them with their dental needs and will always be there for them in the time of a wisdom tooth emergency.

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