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November 9, 2022
Posted By: Joe
Movie Night Meet Maui

Here at Harte Dental, we enjoy giving back to the community regularly. It's not ALL about teeth. Dr. Harte has a strong passion for giving families something fun, safe, and free to do! 

This year, at our 6th Annual Community Movie Night, (held at Kelley Field) we experienced some family-fun trivia with our host Maui and saw his magical fish hook light up the night sky! Our guests enjoyed popcorn and complimentary treats from the Ice Cream Smith! As always, our friendly neighborhood Ian Grigorio showed up with his light-up wagon and even helped us hand out glow sticks for the kids! 


Big thank you to the families and friends who showed up and had a great night with us! 

As always, thanks to the Milton PD and Parks & Rec for helping organize this event. We look forward to every year for the community.

Can't wait to see you next time! Harte Dental is always accepting new patients, so tell a friend! 

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