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Back to Basics: Brushing Your Teeth Effectively

August 4, 2020
Posted By: Mariana C.
Are you brushing your teeth CORRECTLY?
Growing up, I was told to brush three times a day for two minutes. A lot of times I was not able to brush after lunch because of school or other social activities. Throughout the years, I have seen a shift of teaching our kids to brush two times a day. So what is the correct way to brush our teeth? I looked to the ADA and found some tips that we all may not be aware of. 
Make sure you are changing your toothbrush every season, or after any time you are sick! Also, do not brush too fast or too hard. Gently brushing for two minutes with a soft bristled tooth brush is best for your teeth and gums. 
Don’t brush right after eating or drinking! The ADA recommends waiting at least 60 minutes. In the meantime, you can drink water or chew sugarless gum. Additionally, they do state to brush your teeth twice a day! I wanted to take it a bit further and see which two times a day are the best.
What I found is you also need to take your diet into account. You do not want to brush right after eating an acidic food or drink. So if you have coffee or orange juice in the morning, brushing before breakfast or 60 minutes after would be the best recommendation. Also if you eat acidic fruits, vegetables, or drink wine or soda in the evening, you will want to wait before brushing your teeth. Therefore, do not eat too close to bedtime in order to be able to brush your teeth an hour after your meal.
Hope these tips help to make your routine even more effective! Don’t forget to come to see us on a regular basis, call our office and make your routine appointment today! 
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